Do you know your personality type?


Each person is different, and each woman has a different personality that makes her unique in the world. It is very evident, for example, in groups of friends, where there are all kinds of personalities: the fun friend, the serious woman, the reserved girl... among other types of personalities that we will mention later.

Have you ever wondered what your personality type is? To answer this question, we are going to analyze different personalities to find which one suits you best.

Analytical: they are thoughtful women who like to analyze what is in their environment. They see the world from another perspective, they try to find solutions to everything that surrounds them and see even the smallest detail of any situation. Within a group of friends, she is the one who always thinks of a solution, the one who helps you with your problems and advises you in your love situation.

Impulsive: it is the opposite of the analytical personality, many times they let themselves be guided more by their feelings than by their reasoning. She is that friend who agrees to go out without thinking about it, the one who helps you regardless of consequences and the one who leaves everything to be with you. Of course, they are women who put a lot of heart into what they do, but sometimes that works against them for making impulsive decisions.

Passionate: she is a type of woman who feels a lot of passion for what she does, she always acts with a lot of love and dedication. She is that friend who gets along with everyone, who tries to include the shyest friend in a conversation, and who can maintain a conversation for hours without being boring.

Reserved: they are shy and introverted women, and they get along only with people they completely trust. Many people think they are "boring or serious", but they are not. They only show their true personality with their most loyal friends, as they tend to be a bit more reserved with personal matters. Once you earn their trust, they will give you lots of fun and love.

Confident: They show confidence wherever they go; They are characterized by their strong personality and by not being intimidated by anyone. In the group of friends, she is the one who always supports the whole group, the one who gives advice and defends you when necessary, without thinking about it.

Sensitive: they are very observant and empathic women, if you have a problem, they will always try to understand you. They appreciate every detail of life, see the positive side of every situation, and give importance to the problems of others.

Pacifist: They are very calm women, they seek a peaceful solution to problems, they try not to get involved in fights and look for the best way to solve conflicts verbally. In the group of friends, she is the one who tries to find a reasonable solution to a problem, before everything gets out of control.

There are many personalities within a group of friends and that makes each one so special, since none can be missing to create the "perfect combo". But tell us, within the personalities of the article, which one do you feel most identified with?