Enjoy this Valentine

Disfruta de este San Valentín sin salir de casa

With the arrival of Covid-19 and its different variants, the celebration of Valentine's Day has been very different from how we knew it before. However, this will not stop us from giving ourselves a moment of relaxation and self-love in our homes. We want to give you a couple of ideas so you can enjoy yourself, either alone, in the company of your loved ones, your partner or your friends.

First of all, you must be clear about what you want for yourself during this day to celebrate love and friendship. It is not a rule to have to spend it with a partner or your best friend, if it is time to dedicate yourself to self-love, it is a good time to start. Here are some ideas to enjoy Valentine's Day without leaving home:

A relaxing massage: Getting a relaxing massage at home or even with your partner could be an excellent option to give yourself the rest and relaxation you deserve. Try to establish an environment with the elements that give you the most tranquility and harmony, so the moment will be perfect to enjoy self-love.

Movie with friends: A movie night can become a perfect plan to enjoy your friends, of course with snacks to have an amazing time. Choose a movie that makes you sensitive to share with those special people.

Spa night: Face masks are a great resource to keep your friendships always present. Use natural ingredients that help your skin and complement them with one of Maja's products to perfume and moisturize your skin.

Dinner with your partner: Enjoy your sentimental partner with a romantic dinner. We recommend that you include dishes that you both enjoy or that have a significant impact on your relationship. In addition to including fruits or other aphrodisiac foods as dessert.

Moonlight picnic: For this option you can use your own garden to have a picnic at night. Include simple and great-tasting foods to enjoy with that special person.

Valentine's Day reminds us that there will always be a special person in our lives, however, it is always important to love ourselves and take care of ourselves as we deserve.