Facial Yoga: the new way to exercise

Yoga facial: la nueva forma de ejercitarte

Let's be honest, how many of us haven't tried different methods to improve the appearance of our face, but we still don't get the results we expect? For this reason, today we are talking about facial yoga, which is a technique that has led many women to maintain a beautiful and strengthened face over the years.

Facial yoga is a technique in which we engage the body and mind to benefit them in different ways. It is worth mentioning that in the face and neck we have more than 43 muscles that must be constantly exercised with different movements to help them maintain strength and firmness, that is why this exercise is phenomenal.

What does facial yoga consist of?

It is a technique in which all the muscles of the face are exercised so that they maintain the firmness that we want. In other words, we are going to carry out a series of exercises and stretches focused on maintaining a certain tension in the strongest areas of the face, such as the forehead, eyebrows, and mouth.

There are three levels to work on in facial yoga: muscular, cutaneous, and respiratory. We must exercise them together if we want to achieve results, since a perfect harmony between each one must be achieved so that the face reaches an ideal level of relaxation.

Like exercise routines for the body, there are many exercises to work on strengthening the face. For this reason, today we bring you our favorites so that you always look beautiful:

Sending kisses: It will help to maintain firmness in the jaw and neck. For this exercise we will stand in front of the mirror imagining a romantic situation in which we passionately kiss the person we love so much for a period of five minutes.

Fish face: in this exercise we are going to suck the cheeks as much as possible imitating the face of a fish, giving us a small massage on the cheeks for a minute. Do it daily.

Surprised face: for this movement we are going to open our eyes without wrinkling our foreheads. To make the exercise much easier, we must imagine all those times that we have been surprised with some shocking news or with the gift that we had wanted so much to receive.

Massage the face: in this exercise, our mind and body must be in perfect harmony. We are going to massage our face in a "V" shape by passing our fingers in the areas of the face where we have more wrinkles or muscle tension. It is a technique that if done frequently will give us greater strengthening of the facial muscles, apart from helping us relax our body and mind.

Stretch your skin: if what we want is to eliminate facial wrinkles, this is the ideal exercise. With our hands, we stretch the areas with more expression lines in a controlled manner from top to bottom in a period of three minutes. This helps the skin to continue working and periodically we will make the wrinkles less noticeable.

Facial yoga is a widely used technique today thanks to its great benefits. Skin care is very important if we want to look young regardless of our age; love your body, love your face, and give it the treatment it deserves to keep shining everywhere. And remember Maja will always be by your side to give you the best beauty tips because together we are stronger.