Reasons why we love our friends

Razones por las que amamos a nuestras amigas

What are friends? Friends are the ones who are always there for you, who listen to you in your worst moments, and celebrate your victories. You can always count on them; they will try to support you regardless of time or place. It is normal to have a childhood friend with whom you share many important moments of your life. Generally, childhood friendships are the ones that last the longest, because you grow and discover an infinity of experiences with those people.

Friends will always tell you the truth no matter how painful it is to hear it. They will be very objective, and they will not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Therefore, it is very important that you choose your friends well, you must choose valuable people who help you improve and continue to grow as a person.

The moments shared with friends are incredible and very valuable, with them you can do thousands of crazy things, they will accompany you in embarrassing moments or in happy moments; They will witness your first love, your first breakup, your greatest achievement, your greatest failure. They do not judge you, no matter what you do they will try to understand you and give you wise advice.

During your life you will meet many friends. Some of them will stay in your life, and some will stay on the road, but friends will always give you lessons that will help you through your whole life.

We all have that friend we always think about. Today, which is World Friendship Day, be thankful for everything you have experienced, show her the importance that person has in your life and hug her, let her know that you will always be there for her. It is difficult to find sincere friendships, that is why we must value those friends who have given us their support in difficult times.