Selfcare: the importance of taking time for yourself

Selfcare: la importancia de darte un tiempo para ti misma

There are times when we cannot give ourselves the time we deserve, because between tasks, occupations, work... we are busy all day. We know that finding time for yourself can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

You can find space to connect with yourself! For some people it is more difficult than for others, but there will always be at least twenty minutes that you can use to reconnect with your inner self. And if we still haven't convinced you to give yourself some time, we present the main benefits for you.

- It helps us improve: self-care allows you to discover yourself, to know what you are doing well in your day-to-day life, in your tasks, in your occupations and with your body; but it also allows you to discover what situations are affecting you or causing conflict, so that you can work with them in order to improve.

- It allows us to remember: many times, we deviate from the path; between so many tasks and occupations, we forget to give ourselves at least ten minutes to remember why we do things. Giving yourself some time will help you remember what are the motivations that drive you to continue striving daily.

- Love yourself again: many times, we lose our essence because we simply no longer care about our image (both physical and mental). Most of the time it is due to the tiredness that the routine causes in us, that is why it is important that you have a moment alone with you to love yourself again as a person and discover the beautiful being that is within you.

- Discover new activities: in the process of reuniting with yourself, you should look for a hobby that helps you distract yourself from the routine. It can be soccer, basketball, gym, tennis, swimming... You can also look for non-physical activities such as painting, studying, reading, or watching a series; everything is accepted as long as it is something that makes you happy.

Giving yourself some time will help you discover that behind all those tasks and occupations there is a woman who needs to rediscover herself. Remember that the most important thing is you, so you must take care of yourself physically and emotionally; do not let anything or anyone turn off your light, because it is unique and makes you an incomparable woman.