The importance of surrounding yourself with nature

La importancia de rodearse de naturaleza en tus espacios.

Every April 22, Earth Day is celebrated, a day in which we reflect on the evils that afflict our planet and in which strategies to attack problems such as climate change and pollution in the seas are reconsidered. For this reason, this blog is dedicated to the importance of establishing a relationship with nature within our personal spaces.

Returning to our roots is always important and establishing a direct relationship with nature is relevant to bring different benefits to your life. We know that visiting natural places will give us peace and harmony, however, it is not always possible to be in these places, so in this blog we will give you some reasons to value having plants in your spaces.

They clean the environment and regulate humidity. During the day, plants release oxygen, absorb polluting gases, improve and purify the air, in addition to ensuring that the environment has a little more humidity. There are various plants that provide more or less moisture, depending on their nature.

They help regulate stress. Various studies have proven that plants can be a great ally as a therapy against stress. They transmit well-being, tranquility and joy. In addition, its care can become a stimulating challenge for people.

Having a plant in your care increases your concentration. Since some plants require specific care, this will require you to focus your attention on the process they require. When you manage to bring your plants to life and see their development, you will get the satisfaction of taking them forward and becoming an expert.

Plants reduce noise. Naturally, plants and trees reduce noise pollution in the environment, keep in mind that many plants are necessary to eliminate all the noise, however, they can contribute to well-being in your home.

Now that you know the benefits of having plants in your home, it's time to start collecting your favorite species and help the planet with our little grain of sand. Remember that a greener life will be a much happier life by taking care of the earth and all its living beings.