Trends in hairstyles and outfits for 2022


After spending a long period locked up due to the pandemic, little by little life lets us show off our best outfits again. This 2022 is a perfect opportunity to reinvent our style or haircut, but what better way to do it than being in trend to show off our personality.

In this blog we will tell you about the trends that will mark this year and that are focused on highlighting your personality in the best possible way. We will start with the haircuts that will make your face and hair shine.

Bob Cut: This hairstyle is very common in women with straight hair, it is one of the best-known trends in recent years and 2022 will be no exception. It is characterized by wearing the hair above the shoulders and below the ears, exactly towards the jaw.

Pixie Cut: If you want to completely change your style, the pixie cut is a great option. It is a very carefree look, and the best thing is that you will transmit security and strength. Although of course, it is too short, so you should avoid cutting your fringe too much so it can capture your elegance.

Shaggy Cut: This style inspired by the fashion of the 70s returns to give us a more free and crazy look. This cut is done in layers that give the illusion of being a bit messy, you can add bangs to frame your face and show off your mane.

Midi Layered Cut: Simple layers in your cut will make your hair stand out and have more volume. With this cut you can give your hair more texture and it is ideal to wear with curly or straight hair.

Outfit Trends: For this year it is important that you have at least one of these garments in your closet to be able to show off your body at any time.

Long bloused dress: This garment will give you the sensuality and elegance you need. This type of dress highlights your waist without highlighting your hips excessively, you can accompany it with a pair of boots or heels.

Jumpsuits: To wear a suit of this type, we recommend that you choose one that is monochromatic. You can combine them with open shoes and they are an excellent semi-sports option to use at any time of the day.

Sport Clothing: The trend of wearing sportswear has had a boom in recent years and will continue in 2022. There are a wide variety of options to combine, but we recommend you opt for bomber jackets and yoga pants that will show off your figure.

Lace Pieces: Lace are very feminine details that will be in trend especially during the summer. You can wear blouses, dresses, or even full suits that include these lace details. There is also a wide variety of colors, but we recommend some more serious ones depending on your tastes.